Hey There!

My name is Megan and I am the human behind Bell & Cotton. Iā€™m 32 years old, exploring life with my husband, Sam and my newborn son, Miles. We live in Eastern Virginia with our silly adopted dog, Darla.

Bell & Cotton started as a macrame project and has since expanded to encompass all of my passions and interests. I love a good DIY and you can usually find me planning my next house hack. In my free time I love to macrame, shop for my home, and cook. And since I am a first time mother, I am busy navigating all of the facets of motherhood.

My biggest passion as of recent has been creating YouTube videos, and this blog is a result of that. It is mainly a reflection of my YouTube channel, a place I can mirror my videos and share even more of my creative self. Feel free to check out my channel here.