Hey There!

I’m Megan Bell, the Bell behind Bell + Cotton. I live in Eastern Virginia with my son, Miles and my husband, Sam.

Bell + Cotton started as a macrame project and has since expanded to encompass all of my passions and interests. I love a good DIY and you can usually find me planning my next house hack. In my free time I love to macrame, shop for my home, and cook. And since I am a first time mother, I am busy navigating all of the facets of motherhood.

My biggest passion as of recent has been creating YouTube videos, and this blog is a result of that. It is mainly a reflection of my YouTube channel, a place I can mirror my videos and share even more of my creative self. Feel free to check out my channel here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy items for your home? Anywhere I can find a good deal on an item I truly love! And that’s key for me - truly loving an item. I tend to frequent Target, West Elm, Home Goods, World Market, IKEA, and Restoration Hardware. I also like to thrift and hunt on Facebook marketplace for second hand items. I try not to buy items that are on trend, but that rather speak to me or fit into a certain mood I am trying to create within my home. A lot of my most loved items can be found here in the shop section of my site.

How did you learn to macrame? A few years ago my husband and I visited his grandmother in Colorado. She’s an amazing woman with an eclectic collection of artifacts in her home and many hobbies to boot. I piled her with questions about gardening, pottery, cooking, and anything else I could pick her brain about. She had so many handmade items in her house, it inspired me to run home and start making my own things! One of them was macrame. She had plant hangers galore! So when I got back that’s what I did. The internet was helpful in teaching me basic knots and I came across some vintage macrame books that belonged to my grandmother which also helped. But mostly what taught me was just practice and making mistakes.

Where do you buy your macrame cord? I get asked this so often and mostly through DMs on Instagram, so I thought the question earned its place here. I buy my cord from both Ganxxet and the Knot and Rope Supply Company. I use different size cording for different projects, but the cord I grab most often is 3mm.