Hello everyone!

My name is Megan and I am the human behind Bell & Cotton. I’m 32 years old, sharing life with my husband and favorite person in the world. We live in Virginia with our silly adopted dog, Darla, and are currently awaiting the arrival of our first child in February of 2019.

Bell & Cotton started as a macrame project and has since expanded to encompass all of my passions and interests. I love a good DIY house project and you can usually find me planning my next house hack. In my free time I love to macrame, shop for my home, and cook. I’m also a part time CrossFit coach at a local Crossfit gym and am passionate about overall wellness and health.

My biggest passion as of recent has been creating YouTube videos, and this blog is a result of that. It is mainly a reflection of my YouTube channel, a place I can mirror my videos and share even more of my creative self. Feel free to check out my channel here.